Up-Coming Events

Up-coming Events

Monday:                  Armies of Compassion Intercessors           = 6:00 pm

Tuesday:                 Revival Meeting                                    = 5:30 pm

Wednesday:             Search The Scriptures                                   = 6:00 pm

Thursday:                Family of Jesus                                     = 4:00 pm

Friday:                   Night of Possibilities                              = 10:00 pm

Saturday:                Community Development Service (cds)      = 10:00 am

Sunday:                  Jesus Christ, Our Subject-Matter              = 8:30 am

* Special Monthly Miracle Service: I AM THE ALMIGHTY GOD(Gen. 17:1) BEHOLD, I MAKE ALL THINGS NEW (Rev. 21:5b)

Venue for all Meetings: Testimony of CHRIST, Camp David Crusade Ground.4/6, Okania Close, by Availers Road, off Mgbuoba Shell Location Road, Rumuokwuta New Layout, PortHarcourt