My BMW Car arrives

As an Architectural student, I have been bidding for some jobs, but this one was a Landmark Project because it ran into millions of Naira. Our Pastor prayed for me and made some authoritative declarations.

Brethren, when I got to my clients house, I discovered that our very Senior Colleagues who had not only made money but also names in the Industry were also there. Believe me, God really works.

We took our turns to make our Presentations. At the end, the man there and then commissioned me to handle the work and a few days later, he invited me and mobilized me to take off. An interesting thing I remember is that Our Pastor while praying for me before then, had told me that God just decided to bless and help me financially to enable me conclude my studies since I had no other sponsor.

Last week, I went and bought that BMW Salon car packed outside to the glory of God. Further, the man has promised to recommend me to his friends who are also into properties. Please this is my Tithe Sir. I thank GOD!!!

Bro. Ndubisi

(University of Lagos, Nigeria)

Stillbirth now over, my son, daughter live

 After our marriage, my wife began to have stillbirth. Losing one’s kids at very early age could be devastating, more so when you are helpless.

When this problem started, somebody took me to Aba, Abia State where I met one man who billed us excessively with assurance that it would stop, but at the next pregnancy, the baby died. So, the next time my wife took in, despite the man’s threats, I ignored him and decided to hand the matter over to God. It was that state of confusion that a friend of mine who has been a member here asked me to see Pastor Umendu.

My meeting with him was remarkable in that he assured me that that meeting would mark the end of stillbirth in my family in Jesus’ name. I believed him. Again, I was expecting him to give me a bill for the prayers. He didn’t. I asked so as to ascertain if I could pay. To my surprise, the Ministers told me to use anything that God laid on my heart to thank God because whatever I gave or didn’t give was between God and I.

So, when it was time for my wife to deliver, Pastor did not just follow us to the clinic, he waited all through the night in prayers with us.

So, my Son was delivered, and less than two years, my daughter is here too.

Please join me to thank The GOD of Pastor Umendu who has finally stopped stillbirth in my family.

Bro. John Ede

Eligbam. Port harcourt

HIV/AIDS disgrace

Towards the end of last year, my fiancé began to lose weight, appetite and became weak to help herself in many things. I thought I could cope but her health worsened and I feared she might die. I too started having the same symptoms. With this condition, she lost her job, and my own job too was on the line.

At people’s insistence, I first took her to the Lab for test. She was confirmed to be HIV positive, and that hers had indeed developed into full-blown AIDS. My hearted fainted; especially when I remember the media jingles that AIDS has no cure. I once joked that AIDS was not real, but there I was; imminent death starring me in the face.I thought I was dreaming.

I earnestly desired God’s Mercy and healing. Then one day, a friend who knew my story came and advised me to meet his Pastor, Rev. Umendu. I pray that God will bring good friends your way who will be interesting in showing the path to genuine solutions in Jesus’ Name.  When I met the Man of GOD, he began to declare the scriptures that have to do with Life…Psalm 118:17, Psalm 91:16, etc.

After sternly rebuking me for co-habiting with a Lady I hadn’t married officially, he cautioned me to go and ask God for forgiveness and re-locate the girl. Then he added I should show commitment towards the prayer/fasting. He assured me by The Spirit of God that the scourge would be taken away by the mercies and Power of God.

When I went home, I told the girl and she co-operated with me. Moreover, she said she would join me in the prayers. Less than two weeks into the prayer, she came and told me that she had an experience in the dream and when she woke up the next morning, she began to do the things she could not do before, like taking her showers, washing, etc. She said a certain Person came to her in the dream and told her to undertake an exercise. The exercise should make her not to pass out watery excreta stooling. But if the stooling continued, then she hadn’t been healed, but if it stopped, then let her rejoice and glorify God. The stooling stopped. So, she reported that The living Christ had visited her.

On my side, I was happy, but deep inside me, I was upset. I did all the talking and movements to see Pastor but she first received her healing. However, The Word of God Pastor spoke into my ears encouraged me. Brethren, it was to my utmost happiness that a few days later, I had my own visitation, and later, I discovered that God had healed me. Pastor please pray for my fiancé and I to regain our jobs so we may go ahead and formalize our marriage. God has used Pastor Umendu’s Ministry to save my life, and destiny. I shall continue to worship GOD ALMIGHTY the rest of my Life.

Children of God, kindly join me to bless HIS Name.

Bro. A.T


Port Harcourt