Christian Education

Christian Education

“As for these four children, God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom ….” Daniel 1:17

Are you in search of a Christian Institution that will support you to acquire a firm spiritual and scriptural Foundation that will enable you live and minister effectively?

Then you are welcome to the LIVING WORD INSTITUTE (LWI). LWI is the Christian Education arm of our Ministry where men and women are brought up through rigorous Bible teachings, sound doctrine, ethics, discipline and impartation of knowledge.

Our students are further exposed to interactive, systematic and in-depth study of the Holy Scriptures by Bible exposition experts and other highly motivated Instructors.

As a training ground for missionaries and other ministers/workers alike, it is committed to the finest traditions of teaching Christian values, attitudes and intensive resolve towards acquiring practical skills and tools for day-to-day living and walk with (and work for) GOD.

Moreover, we seek to run a Bible training Centre whose instructions are roundly grounded in the leadership of the Holy Spirit with wholesome adoption of the HOLY SCRIPTURES as the supreme AUTHORITY, and so, anything which cannot be read in Them and proved by Them MUST not be required as an article of faith.

A team of Board of Directors runs it. Rev. Umendu is the President.

The academy also runs a basic educational program in order to assist those who could not acquire basic education before being called into the Ministry.

LWI’s fresh academic session takes off March 1 every year. Please contact the Director of Studies for details.