-Dr. Terry Peters

An international evangelist, Dr. Terry Peters ( www.godsarmytx.com ) has joined his counterparts like Reinhard Bonke, Benny Hinn and other prominent preachers from all parts of the world to announce that God loves Nigeria.

Speaking at a 6-day crusade titled ENUGU CITY MIRACLE CRUSADE Association of Nigeria, The evangelist from Paulo Antonio, United States stated that he was impressed on how Christians worship God in this nation. “God is honouring this nation because they lift up his name. when I came to Nigeria since 2000, I was impressed on how the men of God here preach the world of God, “he said.

Speaking on the message he entitled Two Doctors, he likened himself to Nicodemus who though a teacher of the Jews, was merely religious without knowing Christ.

He said that he was somewhat like that because he was religious, going to church and all that. But he knew that something was wrong. As a doctor, he was a failure in his profession and lost wife and three children. “I go to church often, but I have never heard about born-again or salvation,” Dr. Peters said.

He said that the first time he entered a spirit filled church and saw people laughing and happy, he was surprised. When in the church with my father and I smiled, he would pull my ear.” According to him when the altar cal was made, he stooped under the cover of the chair to lift his hand up, because he did not want people to see a ‘big’ doctor like him doing such not-too wise thing.

He concluded by saying that his experience was the history of every man, and thus called on religious folks and sinners alike to accept Jesus Christ into their lives because Jesus died not for sinners only but also for the religious Christians.

It was a meeting that attracted who is who in the Body of Christ in Enugu.