My Dearly beloved Friend, Jesus Christ, Our Subject-Matter There is urgent need […]

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The Ministry

The Ministry The WORD of God, our supreme AUTHORITY; the World, our […]

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Testimonies/PRAISE REPORTS My BMW Car arrives As an Architectural student, I have […]

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Taking The Gospel to the various yet un-reached World

Christian Education

Christian Education “As for these four children, God gave them knowledge and […]


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Ministries & Departments: 1. Office of The PastorObjective: To be ministering to […]



My Dearly beloved Friend,

Jesus Christ, Our Subject-Matter

There is urgent need to take The Gospel to the various parts of our yet un-reached World, so as to consolidate and improve on the gains of the past which place the (estimated) rate of growth of the Christian population at more than 100 million new believers each year since 2000 years ago, faster than any other faith or even secular Organization in the World. This is possible, especially with recent unprecedented advancement in Information and Communications Technology and renewed collaborative Initiatives and networking by Christian Organizations.

On that note and on behalf of this great Family of CHRIST, I am glad to welcome you to our Website.

This is a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic Platform made up of over One hundred Christian Assemblies, sharing in the saving grace of Jesus Christ, whose we are and whom we serve.

Being yet into full-time Ministry for just a few years is, by human standards, really not such a striking duration to have achieved anything meaningful for HIS Kingdom.

However, it has pleased The Master to so well prosper HIS Works in our hands wonderfully. All we can say is: THANK YOU LORD!

It’s, therefore, a privilege to be used by The LORD to advance the frontiers of the Gospel campaign efforts in these end-times so rapidly.

My prayer for you is that as you navigate deeper into our Church-on-the-Web, through the work of The HOLY SPIRIT DIVINE, you’ll be ministered to and you will yield unto God, become obedient to HIS WORD right from your heart so you can benefit from Christ’s Saving grace and be prepared and ready for rapture on being transformed into the perfect image of the Living JESUS CHRIST, The Last Adam, Amen!

Jenkins Umezuruike OKOH, mci

 Ambassador of Peace for Israel